Bani Haykal : sound artist

Dear all friends & colleages PLATFORM3, especially for those people interested in sound/music experiment, BANI HAYKAL invite you all to join his collaborative and experiment music and sound at Platform3;


ALTERNATIFS – every Thursday (4pm)
> open workshop on improvisation
alternatifs is an open workshop focusing on free improvisation from solo to collective music performance. in the workshop, participants will engage in a dialogue, both performative and verbal, on music making processes, the affects of sound on behavior and perception and the sonic language in a music perspective.

PROCESS #1 : HUMAN PITCH-every Tues (4pm)& Sat(2pm)
> an exploration of natural vocal pitches
in the human pitch, participants are invited to engage in a conversation with their voices being recorded. the recordings act as an archive where pitches of their voices are analyzed and will be used to formulate a music scale based on non-calculated intervals. the scale put together through this process will be used on instruments to be built during the residency.

PROCESS #2 : DORMANT MUSIC-every Wed & Sat (4pm)
> an exploration on abstract interpretation
dormant music is an attempt to rethink graphic notation and the musician’s role in interpreting music scores. in this process, participants are invited to “perform” or interpret several scores in their own manner. through this process, the gathered materials will be used to create several new music works.


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