Opening Scene of FOCUS No.2 by Pemuda Setempat

Pecundang malam minggu*

Saturday Night is a faraway yet also a near drawn point.

Everything is buzzing, in silence, or making up, or getting ready, or protracted, the quantity of time is accelerating, yet also stopping and moving rearwards at the same time. Possessions and reach: rationale occupies a different world where dream is the most directly encountered thing. Bodily desires, ideal obsessions, quests, recreation, affirmation, are being provided with a vast norm of time on which a moment of interlude is universally provided.

Pecundang Malam Minggu is a dream about introversion, not of social afiliations and honor, but of self appraisal and awareness. When oneself becomes the other. An awareness about deepest desires emerging from shallowest influences, and of shallowest desires emerging from deepest influences. This exhibition is a form of proclaimer and outpour of loser-ness. Pecundang Malam Minggu is a strand of encounter with the absurdity of the outside world. This juncture—on its introverted side, always return us to the pool of personal influence without caring how tumultuous it is outside.

Pemuda Setempat in our Focus No. 2 showcases site-specific works with transformative factors on personal absorbance and desire, and also personal influence and action measures in which we do to accomplish it: our personal drive.

In the event of someone saying “we’ll see who will have the last laugh”, unbeknown to us, we are sometimes the one who are laughing about ourselves. This is Pecundang Malam Minggu.

*Pecundang Malam Minggu: translates roughly to saturday night losers—the ones without decent or appreciated activity that they do on saturday night(s). e.g. : slackers spending time alone without romantic partner.


Pemuda Setempat is an art collective founded by several young artists and writers in 2012 in Bandung. Ever since its formation, the group has been actively practicing in contemporary art with independent exhibition events. Pemuda Setempat are: Alfredo Tohonan (b. 1990), Argya Dhyaksa (b. 1991), Averoes (b. 1990), Muhammad Vilhamy (b.1990), Puja Anindita (b.1991), Sandy Adithia (b. 1991), Satria Prabhawa (b. 1991), Valery Marsiano (b.1991), Yacobus Ari (b. 1991), Yeremia Martin (b.1991), and Yosefa Aulia (b.1991)

They carry a spirit of localness as what it is, garnering influences from such as daily conversations and catchphrases, jokes, and everyday experiences of its members.

They also proclaim themselves as one of the younger movements who try to convey an alternative spirit in their practice—which is casual and adaptable, yet critical and also tend to be sardonic and apathetic at the same time.

Works Album


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