In – Situ : Shahila Baharom (SG)


We are happy to welcome our upcoming IN SITU artist, Shahila Baharom. From Augus t4th, 2015 to August 30th, 2015, Shahila will continue her artistic practice with support from our facilities and board members, culminating in research and a final exhibition at the end of her residency.

Ila is a visual performance artist in practice and works primarily with overhead projectors and analogue elements to create organic narratives within performative structures. For the past six years, she has been collaborating and incorporating sound and movement extensively into her work. She breaks spatial boundaries through explorations with shadows and light; consciously creating imagined environments with the visual language that she is constantly constructing from these collaborations.

Ila is extensively researching on lost languages, such as Jawi, on the lion island of Singapore which stems from her inability to express herself fluently due to the result of the whitewashing of histories, societal censorship and the governance system based on fear-mongering. Her works are personal explorations based on mistranslations, miscommunications and the discovery of her own awkward self-expression.

She has participated in several festivals on both international and local platforms : World Event Young Artist (UK), LitUp Festival (Singapore) and Fixation Tour (Norway) with The Observatory and MOE.

She has also collaborated with several individuals and collectives over the years: SA Collective, Gulayu Arkestra, The Observatory, Syv Bruzeau, MOE (Norway), Miriam Nash (UK), Patyatann (Mauritius) and Blu Simon Wasem (Brazil).


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