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A project by Wiyoga Muhardanto

Platform 3 proudly presents the latest artwork by Wiyoga Muhardanto (born in 1984), which will be presented as a site-specific installation in Art Future Hong Kong International Art Fair (ArtHK12).

In this exhibition, the artist presents an installation work composed of various objects that one might associate with the famous and distinctive Japanese brand Muji, whose various products range from clothes, furniture and home appliances to food and drinks. Here Muhardanto does not only make the emphasis on branded products, but also borrows the ambiance of thisparticular brand or its approach to product presentations. There is, however, a slight difference: here Muhardanto presents a variety of objects related to art supplies, for example canvases, frames and pedestals—the objects that we often see in the opening events of art exhibitions.

Over the last few years, Muhardanto has been playing with signs and signifier values of objects, capturing the consumer culture of the urban society. In his works, the artist uses the strategy of visual likeness, mimicking the superficial nature of objects while simultaneously slightly reshaping them. Muhardanto plays with perception/reception to deceive his audience.

In today’s installation, titled Distinctive Items, the artist also plays with perception, making use of the behaviour of consumers in mass culture and the art world, as he positions the audience as observers of a global brand in the context of the space where the work is located. He also uses these elements in his booth at art fair events. These displayed objects can be seen as ambiguous signs


Distinctive Item

With simple minimalist designs, we always strive to create products with specific goals to satisfy our customers. We lay the emphasis on the natural shapes and textures of the materials we use, thereby characterizing our products.

Our products are dedicated to you, art lovers and socialites who love to come to opening events of art exhibitions. We try to round off your hobnobbing pleasure by creating products that will make you stand out during the opening event of an art exhibition.

Apart from the accessories and supplies for art displays, we have also created alternative artwork that can rival the usual contemporary artwork. These alternative works of art are made for you, lovers of simple beauty and natural forms.

Distinctive Items reflects our public bearing and image: How we dress; the way we communicate with artists, curators, gallery or museum staff, and collectors; and how we mingle during the opening event. These objects hint at the things that we use as considerations within the social sphere of the contemporary world of art.


Occasionally Ring

Say Cheers to your colleagues.

This is a ring shaped like a champagne glass in its original size. The ring is especially designed to be worn during the opening ceremony of an art exhibition, to enrich your hobnobbing experience with your colleagues.

Occasionally Necklace

Reduce your alcohol consumption during the opening event of an art exhibition.

Made in a size that imitates that of a champagne bottle, the necklace can be worn alongside with Occasionally Ring. By wearing this necklace, you are bound to exert a stronger presence during the exhibition opening.

Social Wallpaper

More than just a smartphone.

Change your personal wallpaper on your smartphone with one that the public can also enjoy. The wallpaper can be fixed onto an iPhone4 or Blackberry Onyx.

Curious Cup

Satisfy your curiosity.

The cup is made of paper and can also serve as a hearing aid. If you are curious about the fortune that the stand next to yours might be making, you can attach the cup on the booth wall and listen hard. You might thereby acquire useful knowledge that you can use to create a strategy to be successful in a global competition.

Ash Pedestal

The pedestal is specifically designed for metal sculpture only.

The pedestal is presented for those of you who love modern and contemporary sculptures. Made of wood, this artwork stand will round off your sculpture collection.

Inverted Muslin Tote Bag

A show-off bag.

The bottom of the bag sports a purse-like shape. By using the bag, you can reveal the content of your purse to others.

Plan Canvas

The pictureless painting.

In the midst of many realistic contemporary paintings, we create a plain painting without any images. The painting is perfect for a modern-minimalist decor, in which we can strongly sense the plainness of the painting.

Cherry Empty Frame

The palpable image.

We do away with any images that the wooden frame might have enclosed. We further expose the natural texture of the frame, thereby strengthening the impression of a work of contemporary art.


Read articles related to exhibition:

Financial Times :

…..The fair offers everything from Picasso or even Monet to the most cutting-edge art of the small “Asia One” exhibitors: EM gallery from Seoul, for instance, was offering Kim Jwee’s collapsed homes, and Wiyoga Muhardanto at Platform3, from Indonesia, showed art products stripped back to their essentials, based on the Japanese brand Muji…(

The Jakarta Post :

Wiyoga Muhardanto was Indonesia’s representative, on show by Bandung’s PLATFORM3 gallery. He presented a deeply reflexive set of works inspired by the design aesthetic of the Japanese retailer Muji, the simple pieces commenting on Wiyoga’s own presence at the fair and the art market. ( )

Dewi Magazine

Tahun ini Platform membawa Wiyoga Muhardanto. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, dan Radi Arwinda adalah dua seniman lain yang karya-karyanya pernah ditampilkan oleh Platform 3. Sementara Semarang Gallery berada di seksi Asia One. Ajang seni yang lebih popular disebut dengan nama Art HK ini menjadi salah satu ‘etalase’ penting bagi seni rupa modern dan kontemporer di Asia. …( )

More Pics :

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