Ruyi Wong ‘Soap Opera Afternoons’

Platform3 IN SITU : Ruyi Wong ‘Soap Opera Afternoons’

16 – 20 December 2014


Opening presentation and artist talk  : 16 December 2014, 4 PM onwards

Exhibition                                              : 17 – 20 December 2014, 11.00 – 17.00

About the Artist

Ruyi Wong completed her BFA (hons) from Nanyang Technological University the School of Art, Design and Media. Wong received her MA (Fine Art) in Camberwell College of Art, UK ,University of the Art London. Wong’s medium traverses and translates between sculpture, painting, photography and video. Wong has exhibited internationally in London, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. She doubles as an art writer and her writing has appeared in publication and exhibition catalogs internationally.

Ruyi is currently lecturing at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media and Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.


Soap Opera Afternoons

“For us, TV is important and we watch everyday.”

Soap Opera Afternoons explores the pleasure of looking and fascination of the television for Kampong female spectators.  Kampong woman are only able to watch mostly in the afternoon where they children and husband are out of their homes. Ruyi Wong investigates how women look at images of femininity in soap opera, and what media means in their everyday lives. Soap opera closely linked with the formation of social identities and self image, offer viewers unrealistic representations of life as they are lived through characters on screen. Soap Opera Afternoon is a response of a month long residency in platform 3 around the village of Jalan Cidagung Raya,  probing the emotive and ideologies of real kampong women in their private encounter with soap operas in the afternoon. This opens up dialogues of the personal politics, revealing what influences the way individuals think, act, and view the world, memories and belonging.

Soap Opera Afternoons presents an experimental cinema verite style video piece consisting of voice acting, stop motion, travelogue footages, hidden cameras recording. Ruyi aims to opens up inquires of the readings of Kampong female spectators and how they make of the popular Soap Opera actresses produced by the industry? How does women negotiate the dominant meanings of popular television rather than be passively positioned by it?

Insitu AIR

This is a residency program initiated by Platform3 started since 2014. Insitu AIR focus on how the artist creates artwork / art project that explore Platform3 surroundings that located among local housing, badminton field, praying place, rice field, and highway. Insitu AIR also facilitated the artist with discussion and presentation program in the end of their residency in Platform3.

PLATFORM3 is an initiative space with focus activities on exhibition and artist in residence programs. In holding its activities, PLATFORM3 attempts to develop artist’s thematic and artistic ideas through intense discussions. All exhibitions held by PLATFORM3 underline every artist’s statement as the most important aspect.

Jl. Cigadung Raya Tengah no. 40 (Studio Rosid) – Bandung. Indonesia
URL: http://www.platform3bdg.org
Facebook page:

Twitter : @PLATFORM3_Bdg

Instagram : PLATFORM3_BDG

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