Radi Arwinda at Grey Project Singapore

Join us on May 2nd as we launch ’30 Days of Craving: The Sightings’ – an Open Studio by our artist-in-residence, Radi Arwinda.


30 Days of Craving: The Sightings
Open Studio with Radi Arwinda
Open Studio:
2 May – 4 May 2014*

*For viewings on May 4th, please make an appointment with the artist by sending an email to nicole@greyprojects.org.

2 May 2014, 6pm – 8pm

Grey Projects
6B Kim Tian Road, Tiong Bahru. Singapore 169246

Gallery hours:
Wed to Fri: 1 – 7pm
Saturday: 1 – 6pm

Gallery hours:
Wed to Fri: 1 – 7pm
Saturday: 1 – 6pm



A self-proclaimed action figure addict, Radi has made it a mission during his residency here to visit as many toy stores as he can, while resisting all temptations to add on to his massive collection. With 30 days of deprivation, haunted by sightings of figures, Radi will translate all of his pent up frustration into an imaginative project – the creation of his own action figures.

A reception with the artist will be held at Grey Projects, from 6pm – 8pm.


Radi Arwinda (b. 1983) is an artist working and living in Bandung, Indonesia.

Radi’s personal background sets an important context for his artistic practice. While he was born and raised in a family with a strong tie to the ancestral tradition of Cirebon, Radi has spent most of his adult life living in a modern, cosmopolitan city like Bandung. This dichotomy leads to a distinctive way of seeing things. For instance, he sees ‘culture’ as something not strictly distinguished by conventional sense of space and time, neither separated by categories such as ‘the origin’ and ‘the foreign’. Rather, it is always a mixture or synthesis of people’s ways of life rooted in different timeframes and places.

For more information on Radi, please visit: http://radiarwinda.com/


IMG-20140430-WA0017 IMG-20140430-WA0019 IMG-20140430-WA0020 IMG-20140430-WA0021

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