PLATFORM3 : Art, Post-Colonialism and Religion

Collective Project #1

PLATFORM3 : Art, Post-Colonialism and Religion

At Emmitan Contemporary Art Gallery

9 – 20 Oktober 2012
Emmitan CA Gallery
Jl. Walikota Mustajab No. 76 Surabaya
for more information please contact
T. +62 31 5466611, 5477711
F. +62 31 5457185
contact: hendrotan +62 81 2311 2311

Surabaya , East-Java

Presenting Artists:

Adhya Ranadireksa
Henrycus Napit Sunargo
J A Pramuhendra
Leyla Aprilia
Mimi Fadmi
Mujahidin Nurrahman
Nadya Savitri
R. Yuki Agriardi
Radi Arwinda
Roumy Handayani Pesona
Wiyoga Muhardanto

Platform3 In The Midst of The Constellations Founded in 2009, Platform3 (PL3) is not an alternative space/gallery, and not an art activism/community/collective either. Among those models, PL3 would be more similar to a “laboratory” that emphasizes “content providers” instead of “context providers” of art and artists1. PL3 is also not an “institution” that insits on connecting art principles with cultural activism. (read more in PDF Catalogue).

Download PDF catalogue here: CollectiveProject_platform3_web

Video : Mimi Fadmi and W. Christiawan Performance:


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